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Phyt’s Facials


Phyt’s Facial Treatments

Phyt’s 100% natural and organic skincare range is certified bio to guarantee its purity.Chemical free Phyt’s is a subtle alliance of organic ingredients to bring your skin its balance.

Soin Aqua Phyt’s (approx 1hr 10min) €63.00


A versatile facial as it is suitable for all skin types.It aims to hydrate any skin lacking miosture due to its ingrediants of hyaluronic acid.HLA is a natural component in our skin, which is produced less and less as we age.It holds up to 300 times its weight in water,so moisture is restored quickly and held in the skin.Softness plumpness and anti ageing benifits.

Soin Energie Vitale (approx 60min) €55.00

Specific treatment which allies chlorophyll,lemon and sage to tone,regenerate and revitalise all skin mis

sing radiance and spark.Ideal for dull tired skin.

Soin Multi Vital (approx 1hr 15 mins)  €68.00

This facial allies all the ingredients to suit mature skins lacking in tonicity.  Soin Multi Vital will diminish visable signs of fine lines.  Lifting firming moisturising and oxygenating, your skin will be glowing with this glorious treatment.  Perfect for any special occasion and for this reason adaptable for many ages.

Soin Anti Comedone (approx 1hr 10mins) €63.00

The combination of essential oils and minerals will combat blackheads and detoxify the skin. Helps to rebalance the oil secretion.

Soin Equilibrium (approx 40mins) €45.00

For a touch of glow and freshness Soin Equilibrium is suitable for all skin types from mixed  and oily to dry and dehydrated. It will clear and rebalance the sebum and water content within the skin to leve it hydrated and balanced.